NFL good-guy award goes to Chad


NFL good-guy award goes to Chad

CREATED Jul 5, 2012

Say what you will about NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco (who will be changing his last name back to Johnson at some point in the near future). Sure, he's flamboyant, sometimes over-the-top, and makes more headlines for off the field happenings versus on the field. He may be slightly eccentric, but he also has a big heart.

Ocho-Johnson was married in a July 4th ceremony to Evelyn Losada. Cheryl Minton was in attendance at the wedding. Who is Cheryl Minton, you ask? She's an Ochocinco fan who's husband of nearly 30 years passed away a couple weeks ago. She reached out to Ochocinco for prayers - she received much more.

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