Reds not amused by Chapman's post-game antics


Reds not amused by Chapman's post-game antics

CREATED Jun 27, 2012

Tuesday nights Brewers/Reds game ended when Aroldis Chapman struck out Martin Maldonado on a 99 MPH fastball. above the letter. Chapman celebrated his accomplishment by doing a pair of somersaults toward catcher Ryan Hannigan. According to reports, the Reds players and coaches were not amused (I have a feeling the Brewers weren't either).

By the time Chapman returned to the club house, the wide grin on his face was gone as he sat at his locker with head down, declining to comment on the game. Reds Manager Dusty Baker said that pitching coach Bryan Price had a conversation with Chapman after the game - as did players Joey Votto and Jay Bruce.

The crux of the conversations: Don't do stupid crap that shows up a division rival!

There is no doubt Chapman's actions fired up the Brewers (and their fans), and he's lucky his foolishness didn't result in Sports Center doing a feature on "stupidest injuries in sports history".

Brewers Manager Ron Roenicke is not the type of person who always fights fire with fire, but I'm sure Reds leadoff hitter Zack Cozart will be expecting anything from Zack Greinke as he steps in to the batters box for the first time in the series finale.

If you haven't seen the video of Chapman's post-game celebration, CLICK HERE.