NBA Draft: Top pick Davis to trademark unibrow


NBA Draft: Top pick Davis to trademark unibrow

CREATED Jun 26, 2012

Former University of Kentucky center Anthony Davis will be the top overall pick in Thursday's NBA draft. Davis, the consensus player of the year as a freshman, lead a talented group of underclassmen to a national title in April. But before he gets down to business blocking shots for the New Orleans Hornets, Davis is getting down to business protecting one of his trademark assets. His unibrow.

That's right, Davis doesn't want anybody making money using a unibrow in any fashion. 



My sentiments: Good for you Anthony Davis!

Year after year, the NCAA cashes in on athletes jersey sales, video games, you name it. What does the athlete get in return? Not a dime. Good for him having the foresight to picture where the minds of creative marketers could wander, and get ahead of the game.

 If only the creators of Sesame Street had similar foresight.