Tampa Bay Rays 1979 throwback jerseys? What the...


Tampa Bay Rays 1979 throwback jerseys? What the...

CREATED Jun 21, 2012

The Tampa Bay Rays are bringing out the retro jerseys from 1979 for an upcoming series with the Tigers. Never mind that the Rays franchise wasn't established until 1998. And never mind that, at the time, they were called the Devil Rays.

Looking to restore the glory from a year the team didn't exist, the Rays called on the people at Majestic to create a make-believe retro uniform that was in-line with the uniforms of the 70's. I must say, they nailed it! The two-toned blue reminds me of an old skool (yes, "school" when paired with the word "old" is spelled "skool") San Diego Padres uniform with much less brown. Kudos to Majestic for manufacturing a retro uniform that doesn't look like puke.

The Rays are hoping to use the uniforms on an annual basis. Check out the picture of Rays Manager Joe Madden below.

The jersey and hat are pretty sweet, but the light blue pants steal the show for me.