Progress made on structure for new-look BCS


Progress made on structure for new-look BCS

CREATED Jun 19, 2012's Mark Schlabach is reporting that the framework of a new system to decide college football's national champion could be completed as early as this week.

The 11 FBS Commissioners and Notre Dame's AD have made considerable progress according to the report, and the next scheduled group meeting will be Wednesday in Chicago.

The group still needs to determine when and where the two semifinals and a national title game will be played as well as how the four teams will be selected.

There's also the matter of deciding how to divide the TV revenue which could be about $450 million dollars annually.

One way or the other, there will be a new system for determining college football's national champion by the 2014 season, but one or more conferences stand to be disappointed with the structure. The SEC wants the top 4 ranked teams to be included in the "final 4", while ALL of the other power conferences are clamoring for the final 4 to be made up of conference champions. 

The reason the SEC wants the top 4 teams to duke it out is because they frequently have two of the top teams in the country. If the system called for only conference champions to be included, Alabama (last year's national champion) would have been left out.

As much as I'd like to see Wisconsin battle it out to be national champions on a yearly basis, I'm more interested in the best of the best duking it out. If Wisconsin is in that mix, they will certainly have earned it. If that means the SEC has two teams in the final 4, then so be it. One thing is for certain, there will always be a debate over a team that got snubbed versus a team that got in.

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