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Still want a new stadium?


Still want a new stadium?

CREATED May 28, 2012

Living life is getting expensive. There has been a lot of recent buzz regarding new stadiums for the NFL's Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Falcons. It has reached a point where I no longer blink an eye reading a new facility will cost between $800 and $950 million dollars to build. Why not shoot for a cool $1 billion?

Often times, the city, state, and tax payers are on the hook for funding. But it's the tax payers -- specifically season ticket holding tax payers, who get the double whammy. The increase in ticket costs for teams with new stadiums is staggering according to this article.

In Milwaukee, there has been a push for a new arena for the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks. Many feel the only way the Bucks will be able to stay in Milwaukee, is if they replace the outdated Bradley Center with a brand new facility. While that may be true, the arena (which could cost between $400-$500 million dollars) will force a similar situation, though perhaps not as drastic.