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Brett Lawrie spikes helmet off Umpire


Brett Lawrie spikes helmet off Umpire

CREATED May 16, 2012

Former Brewers 2nd base prospect Brett Lawrie, now with the Blue Jays as part of the Shaun Marcum deal, was ejected after arguing balls and strikes Tuesday night.

Lawrie spiked his helmet off the dirt and it ricochet off home plate umpire Bill Miller. Lawrie called it an unlucky bounce - MLB will likely call for a suspension.

Lawrie showed up Miller when he dropped the bat and started moving toward first base after a 3-1 pitch that appeared outside. Miller called it a strike - and probably didn't appreciate being shown up.

Lawrie did the same thing on the very next pitch and Miller called strike three. It may not have been that big of a deal except for the fact the third strike would likely have been called a ball by 99 out of 100 Umpires. 

Click here to see the video.