What's Worse: World Peace's elbow or Torres' human spearing?


What's Worse: World Peace's elbow or Torres' human spearing?

CREATED Apr 23, 2012

Now is the point in your day where you get to play Commissioner! Your job today is to assess the hits in both videos below and determine the severity of the punishment for the aggressors.

Let's start with last weeks NHL playoff game between the Phoenix Coyotes and Chicago Blackhawks. The Coyotes Raffi Torres was suspended 25 games for this hit on Marian Hossa. The suspension will last the remainder of the playoffs, and as many games as necessary next season.

Click here to see the video. 

On Sunday, the Lakers beat the Thunder 114-106 in double overtime in a potential NBA playoff preview. The game was marred by a Meta World Peace elbow to the head of the Thunder's James Harden. Harden crumbled to the ground and suffered a concussion. World Peace claimed after the game the hit was not intentional. He even went to Twitter to explain, "I just watched the replay again..... Oooo.. My celebration of the dunk really was too much... Didn't even see James ..... Omg... Looks bad,"

Decide for yourself. If Torres received a 25-game suspension, how many games should World Peace miss after his hit?

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