What Golden State Warriors fans are saying about the trade


What Golden State Warriors fans are saying about the trade

CREATED Mar 14, 2012

The Milwaukee Bucks have completed a trade with the Golden State Warriors that sent Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson to California in exchange for G Monta Ellis, PF Ekpe Udoh, and the expiring contract of C Kwame Brown.

A very interesting trade considering Bogut will be on the shelf the rest of the season with an injured foot and ankle. In the short-term, the Bucks added an all-star in Ellis, and a strong interior defender in Udoh, to a team that has made its playoff push without Bogut or Jackson on the floor.

I took a trip over to SFgate.com to see what Warriors fans were saying about the trade. Below are some examples that captures the tone. As always, I have not altered the comments in any way.


...thanks Monte...there were many nights where you carried this team on your back...but,this is a potentially great trade for the Warriors...if Bogut stays healthy, he is the dominant center this franchise has needed for decades...

Hate to see Udoh go. Ellis? Good on the O end, but no D. Had to pull the plug on him if they ever expect to compete.

Terrible deal. I was so happy when they got rid of Jackson last time. Why would they want him back? He's already proven he doesn't like (and won't) play here. Monta Ellis was a boost for the Warriors - Jackson was a drain. Surely there was another way to get a center.

Only the dysfunctional Ws would trade their best offensive and defensive players for a guy out for the season and a mal-content who previously played here and made everyone miserable. This organization is a joke and it boggles my mind why people continue to attend their games. Since Sprewell, I have boycotted this team; I only read the articles for the humor

Unbelievable. And I really thought the new ownership had some brains. Why couldn't they trade Curry instead of Monta -- oh, right, the Bucks didn't want Curry because they know he'll never be 100%. So they send us their broken down center for our best scorer.

You can't build a winning club around a guy who should be coming off the bench. And I do not mean to disrespect Monta in any way. He's a pure baller, but he's simply not a franchise player. Time will tell if this was a good move (primarily dependent on Bogut's health) but to get a solid center and drop a B-level star...I think it makes sense.

LMAO though at the Bucks, Monta and brandon jennings are just gonna steal the ball from each other

I don't follow even basketball closely and know this trade sucks.

The Warriors needed a big man, and its not like they were winning consistently with Monty Ellis. If Bogut can stay healthy the trade will be worth it.

I loved Monta for what he did for the warriors but we were stuck in a terrible position with him and Steph. One of them had to go and I think they made the right choice.

Hey, at first this seems like a horrible trade for the Warriors. But on second thought...Elis gone, Cury out, Bogut probably too injured to even get on the plane, and Captain Jack in the lineup...we may not win another game this year!! Here we come #1 pick! Get Steph and Bogut healthy, David Lee, #1 pick...next year looks good already!

Just so I understand - the Warriors are building around Stephen Curry, David Lee, Andrew Bogut, and Klay Thompson - this is probably the softest team in the NBA with a combined ZERO tattoos. I give the Warriors an F on the thug / street cred factor

COME ON!!! ANOTHER LOPSIDED TRADE THAT BENEFITS THE OTHER TEAM?? And remember WHY we traded S.Jax from here...he did the Randy Moss and gave up on the W's. New ownership, same crap...

Only Don Nelson could make the best of this mess. Let's bring him back and have some fun!

please don't let this be another in a long line of awful warrior's trades. let bogut stay healty. please. please.