Michael Jordan's Chicago house for sale. I'm in!


Michael Jordan's Chicago house for sale. I'm in!

CREATED Feb. 29, 2012

I want to say it was 2003 when former Milwaukee Bucks guard Ray Allen sold his Milwaukee home for $1.3 million. The home was located on Lake Drive and included a backyard that abutted Lake Michigan.

I remember thinking seriously about the idea of gathering nine friends and buying it. At that time it was pretty easy for just about anybody with a job to get a loan for $130,000. At the time, I was 24 years old, single, and looking to live beyond my means. It seemed perfect!

The deal never materialized. Instead, my "crew" got married, moved to the 'burbs, and focused on making adult decisions. BUT - I haven't forgotten about what might have been. Well, lucky for me, there's another real estate opportunity on the table.

All I need is 75 of my closest friends to pool together to purchase Michael Jordan's Chicago estate for a cool $29 million.

Yep - it's for sale! Check out this link, and if you're interested, please contact me.