First half grade for the Milwaukee Bucks


First half grade for the Milwaukee Bucks

CREATED Feb. 22, 2012

The Milwaukee Bucks will round out the first half of the regular season tonight in Chicago. At 13-19, the Bucks are currently in tenth place in the eastern conference playoff race. The Boston Celtics are 2.5 games ahead of Milwaukee in the eighth position, and the Cleveland Cavaliers have crept into the ninth position.

It's been an up-and-down first half of the season for the Bucks who performed admirably in the immediate absence of center Andrew Bogut, winning three of their first four games. But headed into tonights game with the Bulls, the Bucks have dropped five of six

"When you get down to the last few minutes of every NBA game, you never know how it's going to play out" said Bucks guard Mike Dunleavy.

"You gotta step up and make plays - you know, get rebounds, grab loose balls, different things occur every night. Some nights we've done that pretty well, some nights we haven't. Of late, we haven't done it well enough to win games, and that's where we're at."

Amazingly, the Bucks have managed to beat the Miami Heat (26-7) twice, and managed to lose to the Charlotte Bobcats and New Orleans Hornets (who have 11 wins combined). So how does it all grade out?

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