Blake Griffin's jaw-dropping dunk


Blake Griffin's jaw-dropping dunk

CREATED Jan 31, 2012

I'm running out of ways to describe the above the rim antics of Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin. His dunk last night over Kendrick Perkins was positively jaw-dropping.

The Twitter universe exploded moments after Griffin's freak-dunk.

Said LeBron James: "Dunk of the year!! @BlakeGriffin just dunked on Kendrick Perkins so hard!! Wow!! I guess I'm #2 now. Move over #6."

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald tweeted: "Blake Griffin just made one of the top dunks of the season. Maybe even his career. #Beast."

Tracy McGrady of the Atlanta Hawks weighed in with "yo, crazy crazy dunk by the dude Blake Griffin."

You will likely see this dunk several times today, but I wanted to provide an additional outlet. I couldn't believe it when I saw it


Historically speaking, Griffin's dunk ranks up there with Vince Carter's flying leap over a 7-foot Frenchman in the Olympics. At the time, I thought it was the best dunk I had ever seen in a game.