The details of Prince Fielder's contract


The details of Prince Fielder's contract

CREATED Jan 26, 2012

In the event you are a stickler for detail, the Prince Fielder signing with the Detroit Tigers has become official. In addition, the details of Fielder's contract have been revealed.

According to the Associated Press, Fielder will earn $23 million in his first two seasons in Detroit, then $24 million the next seven seasons. There is no opt-out clause.

There are also a variety of incentives loaded into the deal. If Prince wins an AL MVP award, he'll collect a cool $500,000. He'll earn $1 million for each additional MVP award.

If he finishes second through fifth in MVP voting he'll pick up $200,000, and  $100,000 if he finishes sixth through tenth. Got it?

There are also incentives for making the all-star team, earning a gold glove, silver slugger, and/or Hank Aaron awards. In addition are incentives for being named the MVP of the league championship series and/or World Series.

Finally, Fielder will be granted a hotel suite when the Tigers are on the road. This may seem a bit pretentious, but Fielder loves to have his family with him as often as possible. This inclusion is more for Fielder's family than it is for Prince. 

Comparatively speaking, Fielder's average annual contract value is $23.8 million. That is the fifth richest annual value in major league baseball behind A-Rod ($27.5 million), Ryan Howard ($25 million), Cliff Lee and Albert Pujols ($24 million each).