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Players to tweet during Pro-Bowl


Players to tweet during Pro-Bowl

CREATED Jan 26, 2012

In an attempt to drum up more fan interest in the pro-bowl, the NFL is throwing its social media policy out the window and allowing players to tweet before and during the game.

The league will set up a computer on each sideline, and players will be encouraged to use Twitter to communicate with fans, teammates and opponents. Players will not be allowed to have a mobile device on the sidelines, but are free to use their phones for social media purposes from the locker room.

The exhibition game will take place at Aloha Stadium in Hawaii on Sunday.

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NOTE: Rodgers has a personal policy of not tweeting during the season, but said on his weekly radio show that he would likely blow the dust off and return to tweeting this weekend. His last tweet was 184 days ago: "I wish in n Out delivered. #doubledoubleanimalstyle."