What Tigers fans are saying about the Fielder contract


What Tigers fans are saying about the Fielder contract

CREATED Jan. 25, 2012

The comments below were taken from various articles featured in the Detroit Free Press regarding the announcement of Prince Fielder's 9 year, $214MM contract with the Detroit Tigers.

The comments have not been altered in any way. 


We now own the most dangerous right handed and left handed bats in baseball, in the middle of our order for the next decade.

In unrelated news, the price of Little Caesar's Hot and Ready Pizzas has been increased to $10 a piece.

Everybody here better send Ilitch a Thank You card. This guy wants the Tigers to win more than anyone and he's the one paying for it. A great owner for a die hard city. Exactly what we need.

It's not my money, so I'm all for it.

Detroit probably could have got him for 7 at 20 million per...it was the Team's market...but hey! Not my money! Now get out there and win us fans a World Series.

fielder is one of the best hitters in the game, so i LOVE the signing. at the same time, nobody can catch a baseball on this team and i can't wait to see our illustrious third base coach waving home all the tug-boats we'll have trudging around the paths.

HOLY S%$%!!!!!!!!

Let's not play the season out in the paper, shall we? It's a great signing, and I'm sure there are long term ramifications, but let's hope that all involved thought of that before they made the move.

HAHAHA! when i suggested this...i was just dreaming. Are you kidding me??? THIS IS AWESOME! Piston...take note on how to build a talented team. Season = back on!!!!

How many MVP candidates can one team have? Verlander, Valverde, Cabbie, Prince?

There's no cap in MLB right? Meaning, who cares if the Tigers will be paying $60mm total for 3 players

This handcuffs the Tigers to go with their current team and farm system until at least 2014. There is no picking up a pricey player who is needed over the next few years unless Illitch is willing to spend more than I expect.

The thing is he can actually run. This move makes our lineup faster.

As exciting as it will be seeing Fielder in the old english D, you can't put a team together like a fantasy team.

Thank you, Mr. Illitch. You are the best owner in sports today. You have taken a struggling franchise and raised it, first, to respectibility, and today, to potential dominance.