The best seats in the FAR!


The best seats in the FAR!

CREATED Jan. 11, 2012

A random, "how did that happen?" moment occurred during the Detroit Pistons home game against the Dallas Mavericks.

During the third quarter, Fox Sports Detroit cameras spotted two guys in street clothes with beers, half in the bag, plopped down on the Mavericks bench in between Vince Carter and Delonte West.

Apparently one guy is a fashion designer who runs a clothing company in the Detroit area and the other guy goes by "Chris Smokes" on Twitter. Doesn't matter who they are, this is clearly the best example of the popular "move down" game. After all, how often would one expect to be sitting on the opposing team's bench? Most would just settle for a lower level seat.

What I can't believe is how cool Carter and West are about the whole thing, and how lax security at the Palace was.

This is hilarious.

Click here for photo and video.