Brent Musberger's "Honey Badger" obsession


Brent Musberger's "Honey Badger" obsession

CREATED Jan 10, 2012

If you watched the BCS Championship game last night, you may have noticed lead announcer, Brent Musburger's overwhelming use of the term "Honey Badger." The term is in fact the nickname for LSU Tigers defensive back/kick returner Tyrann Mathieu.

I took notice late in the second quarter of Musburger's obsession with using the nickname. Apparently I was not the only one.

Deadspin put together a montage of each use of the term in this short video.

On a related note, if you chose to play the Brent Musburger drinking game, you're probably unable to work today due to rule #11: "The Major"