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What Lions fans are saying about the loss


What Lions fans are saying about the loss

CREATED Jan 2, 2012

A random selection of comments to articles written in the Detroit Free Press are listed below. As always, I have not altered the reader comments in any way. The factual inaccuracies and grammatical errors are the product of those making the comments.


All in all, about as badly officiated a professional sporting event as I've ever seen.

I saw stat that said the Packers were the least penalized team in the NFL - well its not hard to see how that happens - they must go out in the parking lot 3 hours before tha game and ask three fans to suit up as referee's. That was bunk - but the Lions defense was just as Bunk - a guy who has started 1 game in his NFL career and he sets all time records against the Lions - I'll bet Drew Bree's is drooling!

Straight up? The Lions got JOBBED in GB!

Yeah the defense blew the game for them. Make me wonder though is Aaron Rodgers even that good? Is he just a system quarterback?

Secondary was awful, but we really didnt put any pressure on Flynn to speak of...except the one "discount double check" by Suh, which was totally the greatest part of the game because it really made the Packer fans mad.

The Lions were only stopped today by the refs. which took the ball away and took TD's away from a very potent Detroit offense. GO LIONS!!!

The score does not reflect it, but the Lions won this game ... in my heart and mind. Did anyone else see the drop by Pettigrew, and then the unsportsmanlike foul by Tremon Williams

FYI-the Packers were without 7starters including 4 pro Bowlers, Rodgers, Matthews, Woodson, and Greg Jennings. this doesn't even include PR/KR Randall Cobb....

Early word out of New Orleans: The saints are planning on resting Brees against the Lions. Seems like a pretty reasonable strategy.

The D was awful. Don't forget to mention the penalties... that Suh offsides penalty was just stupid

Why should the Lions players be embarrassed?

They lost @Lambau...I think everybody lost at lambau this year...Yes, Flynn carved them up...but, they scored at will AT Lambau...The Lions are not in the same class as the this point

When your opponet rests the NFL's best current QB and starts a rusty sub who's had two previous career starts, while they also rest two other Pro Bowlers, and your QB throws for 520yds and 5 TDs and your team puts 41pts on the board, you win that football game -- NO excuses -- period.

Ne excuse for the God awful play from the defense. Drew Breese will kill the Lions! By the way where is our supposedly vaunted pass rush!

I could care less about the seed. Detroit "can" beat any team out there. They would have won today. Give back the Titus Young TD and Detroit wins, in spite of officials who were clearly on the Green Bay payroll.

Say what you want, but Lions gave up 45 points to a BACKUP. Make no mistake, they deserved to lose.

Detroit has the worse defensive backs in the NFL!

Detroit was robbed of two touchdowns, several first downs, and one fumble recovery.

Hats off to Green Bay. They rested their best players and still took it to us all game. A couple stupid penalties by Detroit, but somewhat tolerable compared to what they've done in the past. I think the refs screwed us out of a few plays, but our D hurt us as well.

Tremendous effort today, but for the immediate future and into next season, Schwartz HAS to find some way to eradicate the penalties

When your defense lets Matt Flynn throw for 480 yards and 6 TDs, you lost any right to claim the officials cost your team the game. This loss falls 100% on the shoulders of the defense. 0% on the refs.

Watching that secondary made we want to puke

lions lost, time to move on... as far as the packers no super bowl this year, sorry boy's