What Cardinals fans are saying about the loss of Pujols


What Cardinals fans are saying about the loss of Pujols

CREATED Dec 8, 2011

I usually reserve posts like this for the aftermath of a game in which the Packers or Brewers smoke a rival team. In this instance, now that Albert Pujols has decided to leave St. Louis for Anaheim, I felt it was equally appropriate. The comments below are from the St. Louis Post Dispatch. As always, they are unedited posts - I have not altered them in any way for spelling, grammar etc..

A link to the article I pulled these comments from is HERE.


Thanks Albert. Thanks for the 11 wonderful years you gave us.Thanks for signing with the Angels instead of hanging that albatross of a contract around the Cardinals' necks. Thanks for the memories.

There's a part of me that understands the difference between $250 million and $220 million and just how much $30 million means. But the biggest part of me can't understand how someone - ANYONE - couldn't live really, really comfortably AND donate to charitable causes on a salary of two hundred and twenty freakin' million dollars.

Props to Cardinals management for not getting sucked into an obscene contract. Oh yeah, will we finally hear the truth about what a lousy teammate Albert was? What a petulant child he was?

Pujols, probably the greatest player to EVER play the game, is ACTUALLY WORTH $Millions more to everyone around him than he will EVER be paid. You CANNOT say that about ANY other current MLB player...ONLY Pujols! I'm pissed!

It's disturbing to me how quickly people on talk radio in STL are moving on from this. Albert Pujols was/is an absolutely transcendent player, and his impact goes way beyond the here and now of the Cardinals.

Pujols just prevented that idiot Mozeliak from sticking this franchise with a 10-year $200 million plus sinkhole. Seriously, who thinks this guy has TEN more years? The Angels can afford throwing that kind of money around for an aging steroid-head, the Cardinals cannot.

Isn't the experience and the training through the system that AP got worth more than the extra 30 million that the Angels offered him?

What a joke. So, the Angels offered him $25 million a year. California's higher income tax rates ALONE will eat up $1.1 million of that. Factor in the cost of living difference and Pujols is giving up BIG BUCKS to play in LA.

Albert will never have the success in LA that he had in STL. His best days are behind him. Anyone with a brain knows that.

I've got an idea lets just hire a rookie manager and get rid of the player who means the most to this team. who wants to come to st louis now? dotels outta here, furcals outta here. oh wait we get wainwright back, who the #### cares.

The article title: "Pujols Turns his back on St. Louis"?!?! WTH...give me a break!! If anything, it should read" "DeWitt, Mozeliak and Company Turn Their Backs on Pujols, Cards fans"

Think about this for a minute: Does anybody think Albert Pujols cares about any of us? Why should we care about him?

Just think how the Astros and their fans feel. They thought they would see the last of Albert. LOL

'It's not about money, it's about winning. I want to finish my career in St. Louis with the best fans in baseball.' Wait..what..?? Hypocrite

And the KING of baseball in St. Louis is still and always will be Stan the Man. Time to move on.

Greed...Ego....Vanity...Pride...!!!! Good riddance!!!!! Gonna burn, shred every single great & powerful Pujols item, I own!

I don't blame AP but the Cardinals did the right thing. No player is worth more than the GNP of many small countries.

He didn't turn his back. This is a Win Win for the cards and AP. He gets the stability & money he deserves as the best player in baseball. The cardinals free up huge cash and maintain the flexibility we need to be a contender every year for the post season.