What Lions fans are saying about the loss


What Lions fans are saying about the loss

CREATED Nov 25, 2011

So I was snooping around the Detroit Free Press web site after the Packers 27-15 Thanksgiving Day victory over the talented, but troubled Lions. I frequently visit sites from the home market of the opposition after games of significance to see what fans are saying.

Below is a sample of what Lions fans are saying after the loss. It's entertaining.

You screwed your teammates Mr Suh. No matter how you try and clean it up.... it is what it is

All talent, no brain. Could have used the draft pick on a better team player.

The camera doesn't lie. We "true" fans all have seen it over and over again. Mr Goodell will watch it also and won't see your point of view on "separation".

Suh is in denial. I'm all for aggressive play. But actions like this are never going to get the refs to "not" throw penalties against your teams questionable calls.

Went out to rake leaves when it was 14-0, knew it was over then.

What did you expect them to beat the Packers? Then you need to cut down on the Kool-Aide

they out played GB for 1 and 1/2 quarters and then they just lost their poise.

Not ready for the big time yet I think. Too many dumba$$ penalties and turnovers. Maybe missing the playoffs would be a lesson for these guys this year.

I gotta say, those first two picks were just nice plays by Pickett and Woodson. Totally changed the game. Figure you all are over-reacting. Except for Suh.

I was looking forward to a good, hard hitting game. What an embarrassing display.

where's Wayne Fontes and Eric Hipple when we need them!!!

The Lions crushed the Lions. 17 of the Packers points were due to Matt Stafford's inability to complete passes to his own teammates.

The Lions are getting butchered in the national media right now! This one is gonna continue to get ugly as the weekend progresses!

Kevin Smith's helmet is twisted and ripped off his head while he is being tackled, no penalty is called. Smith has to leave the game. Calvin Johnson's helmet is ripped from his head on a tackle. Again no call. This is football not tennis. This game was called in favor of the undefeated visiting team.

This game should serve as proof that the Lions are still a ways away from being an elite team. They not only lack talent but also class and leadership.

Another Thanksgiving tradition. Watch the Lions lose, eat a great dinner, look for "A Christmas Story" on the TV. Pick a new team to support for the rest of the season.

Just as predicted. Stafford's million-dollar arm isn't worth jack with his 10 cent head.

Fine example of what not to do IF you want to win a football game against the Packers, or anybody for that matter. Put this one on Schwartz, he's letting the players call the shots and that's backwards.

Like I've said all season, this team's collective IQ is less than a box of rocks, and it starts with the coach. What a disgrace.

The Lions did absolutely nothing to change many peoples opinion of Detroit and our underachieving NFL team.

If Detroit doesnt make the playoffs this head coach and his staff should be gone.The pieces are in place for this club to get to the next level but I dont see it happening with this coach or this staff.

Can anybody say Red Sox...Braves.....LIONS?......Thanks Matthew..........Is Kyle Orton still available?

Someone,,,,anyone,,,,Please tell me why I continue to watch the Lions???

Same old two digit IQ Puddycats.