Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 11


Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 11

CREATED Nov 16, 2011

BIGGEST JUMP: Chicago Bears (from 11 to 7)

BIGGEST DROP: Baltimore Ravens (from 3 to 9)

1 (1). GREEN BAY PACKERS - The whole "pick a loss" game is getting tricky. The offense remains unstoppable, and their defense against the Vikings resembled the one from 2010.

2 (2). SAN FRANCISCO 49ers - The division is all but theirs. It's time to focus on a larger goal - a first round bye in the playoffs. There is no reason to think the 49ers can't attain that goal after a high quality win over the Giants.

3 (4). PITTSBURGH STEELERS - Big Ben has broken fingers and the Steelers have a bye this weekend. Sometimes things just work out for teams.

4 (6). NEW ORLEANS SAINTS - Christmas cards will be sent to Falcons Head Coach Mike Smith for gift wrapping a Saints win by failing to convert a 4th and 1 from their own 29 in overtime.

5 (8). NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - You didn't really think they would lose three in a row did you?

6 (9). HOUSTON TEXANS - Oh no! They might get WR Andre Johnson back this week, but QB Matt Schaub is out the rest of the season. Matt Leinart has the keys to the Ferrari now...let's see if he can keep it from smashing into the guard rail.

7 (11). CHICAGO BEARS - I get the feeling the Bears were sick of the early season love fest for the Lions. They showed which defense should be respected.

8 (7). NY GIANTS - I like it when Giants/49ers games mean something. It takes me back to my youth. Despite their loss, the Giants are the class of the NFC east.

9 (3). BALTIMORE RAVENS - If you like to place friendly wagers on football games, take my advice and stay away from Ravens games. My goodness are they impossible to figure out.

10 (5). DETROIT LIONS - Matthew Stafford played with a screwed up hand? Perhaps he should have avoided tackling one of the Bears defensive backs by the head then. The Lions have already played their best football of the season.

11 (10). ATLANTA FALCONS - Mike Smith's decision to go for it on 4th and 1 from the 29 in overtime is the kind of decision that can cost a head coach a job. Inexcusable.

12 (12). NY JETS - When they win, Rex Ryan is quiet. When they lose, he yaps and yaps to deflect attention away from the players. I get the feeling we'll hear at least four more yapping sessions this season.

13 (13). CINCINNATI BENGALS - Hard to fault a competitive loss to the Steelers, but for the Bengals to prove they're serious about being a playoff team, they'll need to beat the Ravens this weekend.

14 (18). DALLAS COWBOYS - At 5-4 the Cowboys are still in the playoff mix, but they must become more consistent.

15 (19). TENNESSEE TITANS - Another team with a playoff pulse at 5-4. Chris Johnson finally woke from his season long slumber.

16 (21). OAKLAND RAIDERS - Carson Palmer doesn't have to do too much as long as the running game churns out over 150 yards.

17 (14). BUFFALO BILLS - They are 5-4, but it feels like things are starting to slip away from the Bills. They've lost three of their last four and did nothing right in a 44-7 loss to the Cowboys.

18 (15). TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS - They are the youngest team in the league and it looks like it.

19 (16). SAN DIEGO CHARGERS - I'm running out of ways to say it - the Chargers are a joke.

20 (17). PHILADELPHIA EAGLES - Oh my is this getting comical. The Eagles season is on the line this weekend against the Giants.

21 (26). SEATTLE SEAHAWKS - Marshawn Lynch has been rock solid, and is taking pressure off of Tarvaris Jackson. Nice win over the Ravens!

22 (20). KANSAS CITY CHIEFS - Matt Cassel out. Tyler Palko in. Chiefs season done.

23 (27). DENVER BRONCOS - Tim Tebow completed 25% of his passes for 69 yards, and the Broncos won. I don't understand it either.

24 (28). ARIZONA CARDINALS - Sooooo are the Cardinals actually a solid defensive team, or do the Eagles just stink?

25 (25). JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS - Bye week. Oh wait...I'm sorry...they played the Colts....well...same difference.

26 (22). WASHINGTON REDSKINS - Does it really matter if Rex Grossman or John Beck plays quarterback? I don't think so.

27 (23). CLEVELAND BROWNS - That Phil Dawson is one heck of a kicker!

28 (24). CAROLINA PANTHERS - Cam Newton sprinted out of the gates and right into a wall. How much gas does he have left?

29 (31). MIAMI DOLPHINS - Back to back wins!

30 (29). ST LOUIS RAMS - If it weren't for the 49ers, the Rams would still be in the hunt for the NFC west crown at 2-7.

31 (30). MINNESOTA VIKINGS - They aren't in the same class as the Packers, but I expected a little more from them on Monday.

32 (32). INDIANAPOLIS COLTS - Peyton Manning has said he wouldn't be bothered if the Colts chose a quarterback with their first round draft choice. The Colts are petitioning the NFL to conduct the draft before Thanksgiving.