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What Vikings fans are saying about the loss


What Vikings fans are saying about the loss

CREATED Nov 15, 2011

Below are a list of quotes from Vikings fans following their 45-7 loss to the Green Bay Packers. As always, the comments have not been altered or checked for grammar. These are raw quotes that appeared in the St. Paul Pioneer Press after the Packers dismantled their division rival.


I live in Wisconsin but I am a Minnesota sports fan. I pay extra to get the Twins games - they lose 99. I pay extra to get the Viking games - they are a bunch of over paid underachievers. Forget the NBA and the Timberwolves. Can Minnesota every put together a sports franchise that can win it all? How long must the fans take this abuse?
After watching some of that blowout on national TV I can say the Vikings chances of getting a new playpen at taxpayers expense just left the building. No sense in wasting money on this group of losers just to make Wilf richer.
What...I woke up this morning and Frazier is still the coach? I've been a Vikings fan for 40 years and was discusted for the last 30 on how average they were. Now I wish they were at least that.
There is no excuse for not showing up for a MNF game.
Vikings triangle of authority needs to be blown up for a real GM. This was unwatchable. Glad I didn't waste my money going to Green Bay this year
They say a team takes on the personality of its head coach. Well, last night it really did! They played with the same intensity as that blank, unemotional look on Frazier's face. He said all week he was trying to keep them from getting overly hyped. Mission accomplished, they looked almost comatose.
Packers handed Chilly his walking papers last year.....Frazier should be next.
Really? Blame Fraiser? Get real. The Vikes have too many non-factor players in too many important positions. They are just not good enough. No coach under these circumstances cn change that.
Weird how Harbaugh took essentially the same 6-10 49er team with a horrible QB and has them 8-1, with no training camp or ota's..
You know, everytime the Vikings lose the first thing out of peoples mouth is "get rid of the coach". I think its time to stop that crap and lay all of the blame on the players
On a brighter note,........1) Ponder only had one interception this time. 2) Woodson dropped a sure pick six that would have put the Packers into the 50's.
Wow the Packers are great!
teams are going to have too score at least 30 points too beat the packers. i can see only the eagles and saints maybe doing that in the nfc.
If the Packers can play defense in every remaining game half as well as they played tonight against the Vikings, they could easily go 16-0. Even without it, they have a very good shot.
Seems like Rodgers has a big chip on his shoulder. Not sure if its because of favre or falling down in the draft . Looks like he really enjoys torturing Viking fans.
Rodgers is an elite QB, no doubt, but the MNF crew and their man-love for him was nauseating.
Grooming a qb is so painful to watch. I almost wish we would have traded for Kyle orton
What really sucks is to know that the Vikes could have hired McCarthy, but they went with the "sure thing" in Childress.
100 yards in penalties!
Packers still suck.
This game probably killed any chance of a stadium deal.
What a pathetic football game!
The Vikings simply aren't a good team.