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The chace of perfection


The chace of perfection

CREATED Nov 14, 2011

The Green Bay Packers, winners of 14 straight games, will look to improve to 9-0 this season as they take on the Minnesota Vikings (2-6) at Lambeau Field Monday night. With every win, the discussion regarding a possible undefeated season ramps up. It's a predictable topic of discussion for any team that sprints out to a fast start. The question usually associated with the discussion is whether of not the team would benefit by losing a game. 

The Wall Street Journal's Jason Gay says "no" in this article.

My thoughts are this:

Mike McCarthy's number one goal is to win Super Bowl 46. Plain and simple. While I don't believe he would chose to rest his starters like the Colts did a few years back, I also don't believe he'll take chances on playing guys who are dinged up. McCarthy will do whatever he needs to do to prepare his team for the playoffs. For some, like Charles Woodson for example, it could mean limited time in week 16, but for others, like Aaron Rodgers, it could be business as usual until (and if) a sizeable lead is attained.

Resting starters may not even be an option for McCarthy. Given how well the San Francisco 49ers are playing (8-1). and the relative ease of their NFC west schedule the second half of the season, it's very possible the Packers could be playing for home field advantage in the final weeks. There is no question the Packers would prefer the road to the Super Bowl route through Green Bay.

As cliche as it is, the Packers will roll on one game at a time.