Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 10


Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 10

CREATED Nov 9, 2011

BIGGEST JUMP: Baltimore Ravens (from 6 to 3)

BIGGEST DROP: Buffalo Bills (from 9 to 14)

1 (1). GREEN BAY PACKERS - The Packers enter a stretch where they will play three games in eleven days starting with a Monday night matchup against the Vikings.

2 (3). SAN FRANCISCO 49ers - Teams that can run the ball and stop the run usually find themselves in the playoffs. At this point, the 49ers could clinch the NFC West by week 11.

3 (6). BALTIMORE RAVENS - It just never seems like their defense ages. Honestly...isn't Ray Lewis like 42 years old?

4 (3). PITTSBURGH STEELERS - Two of the Steelers three losses have come against the Ravens. They could very well see each other again this season.

5 (5). DETROIT LIONS - Bye week. They will have an interesting challenge this weekend against the Bears.

6 (7). NEW ORLEANS SAINTS - They rolled by Tampa Bay after being embarrassed in St. Louis. They will have another key NFC South division matchup with the Falcons this weekend.

7 (8). NY GIANTS - Eli rallies to beat the Patriots in the final minute? Where have we seen that before?

8 (4). NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - Last week I wrote about Tom Brady's lack of athleticism. After watching their game against the Giants, I can safely say that the Patriots, aside of Brady and Welker, are lacking a dynamic presence.

9 (10). HOUSTON TEXANS - Winning big when Matt Schaub throws for less than 200 yards. That's scary.

10 (11). ATLANTA FALCONS - Welcome to the NFL Julio Jones. My goodness.

11 (12). CHICAGO BEARS - If it weren't for so many teams ahead of the Bears winning, they would have been a shoe-in for the top 10 this week. Quite a revelation: when Jay Cutler has time, he can pick apart a defense.

12 (13). NY JETS - Their defense was suffocating against the Bills. Defense is still their calling card, and last Sunday was their best effort.

13 (14). CINCINNATI BENGALS - They're 6-2 and leading the AFC East, BUT they have yet to play the Ravens or Steelers. That will change in the next two weeks. We'll see how good Andy Dalton is against two outstanding defenses.

14 (9). BUFFALO BILLS - I think the Bills have come back to Earth after a fast start. By seasons end, they will be in third place in the AFC East, and on the outside of the playoffs looking in.

15 (15). TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS - Back to back losses moved the Bucs from first to third in the NFC South.

16 (16). SAN DIEGO CHARGERS - Due to extreme crowd noise, they were forced to use the silent count in the 4th quarter on Sunday against the Packers. Oh - and they were playing at HOME!

17 (17). PHILADELPHIA EAGLES - I'm running out of "Dream team/nightmare" analogies.

18 (21). DALLAS COWBOYS - Let's not get too excited Cowboys fans...it was the Seahawks.

19 (18). TENNESSEE TITANS - Had a relatively comfortable 17-7 lead at the half over Cincinnati, then blew it.

20 (19). KANSAS CITY CHIEFS - I should have seen this one coming from a mile away - a pathetic loss to the Dolphins.

21 (20). OAKLAND RAIDERS - Carson Palmer threw for over 300 yards, but he also threw it to the other team three times. And how did the defense allow 38 points to the Tebow-led Broncos.

22 (22). WASHINGTON REDSKINS - How many times in a season does a team score 11 points?

23 (23). CLEVELAND BROWNS - That Phil Dawson is one heck of a kicker!

24 (24). CAROLINA PANTHERS - Bye week.

25 (25). JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS - Bye week.

26 (26). SEATTLE SEAHAWKS - Would have been better off with a bye week.

27 (29). DENVER BRONCOS - They exploded for 31 second half points against the Raiders, earning Tim at least two more starts.

28 (30). ARIZONA CARDINALS - Why Patrick Peterson would even field a punt at his own one yard line is beyond me - but he turned it into a 99 yard TD and overtime win.

29 (27). ST LOUIS RAMS - Next season can't get here soon enough.

30 (28). MINNESOTA VIKINGS - Bye week.

31 (32). MIAMI DOLPHINS - Showed a little life against the Chiefs. Fans irritated the Colts may end up with Andrew Luck.

32 (NR) LSU - I get the feeling their defense could stop Curtis Painter.

33 (31). INDIANAPOLIS COLTS - They can't do anything right.