Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 9


Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 9

CREATED Nov 2, 2011

BIGGEST JUMP: Philadelphia Eagles (from 20 to 17)

BIGGEST DROP: San Diego Chargers (from 8 to 16)

1 (1). GREEN BAY PACKERS - Bye week. Their schedule gets a little quirky with the next four games on Sunday, Monday, Sunday and Thursday. They'll see the Chargers, Vikings, Buccaneers and Lions in those games.

2 (3). SAN FRANCISCO 49ers - As expected, the 49ers are 6-1, have the second best record in the NFC, and are in position to have a bye and home game in the playoffs

3 (5). PITTSBURGH STEELERS - No more Super Bowl hangover. The Steelers defense was punishing in the win over the Patriots.

4 (2). NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - Tom Brady's lack of mobility is an area of concern given the inconsistent offensive line play

5 (7). DETROIT LIONS - The Lions are playing with a nasty streak. One that's causing a rift with the teams they play...but after years of being a doormat, I'm sure the fans love it.

6 (6). BALTIMORE RAVENS - The fact they trailed the Cardinals by 21 points on Sunday should be concerning to Ravens fans. The fact they came back to win should be concerning to the rest of the league.

7 (4). NEW ORLEANS SAINTS - I have no explanation for what I witnessed against the Rams.

8 (9). NY GIANTS - Just because they're leading an average division, I'm not ready to buy-in to the Giants. I may change my mind if they can beat the Patriots on Sunday.

9 (10). BUFFALO BILLS - I don't think they're better than the Patriots, but if the playoffs started today, the Bills, not New England, would be the team playing at home.

10 (11). HOUSTON TEXANS - The Texans are hoping to get all-world WR Andre Johnson back this weekend. The AFC South is theirs to lose.

11 (12). ATLANTA FALCONS - Playing the Colts after the bye week is kinda like having two consecutive bye weeks.

12 (13). CHICAGO BEARS - They had a bye last weekend after playing in London the weekend before. They will have to wait until Monday night to play again. If the Bears aren't well rested when the play the Eagles, something is incredibly wrong.

13 (14). NY JETS - A Jets bye week was, in effect, a bye week for all NFL fans who are sick of hearing Rex Ryan deflect attention away from his average team.

14 (16). CINCINNATI BENGALS - As starting QB's are concerned, rookie Andy Dalton has more wins this season than Matt Ryan, Tony Romo and Michael Vick.

15 (15). TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS - Bye week.

16 (8). SAN DIEGO CHARGERS - Thank you for illustrating my point for the second consecutive week. The Chargers are a fraud.

17 (20). PHILADELPHIA EAGLES - Kudos for blasting the Cowboys. We'll see if their offense can create the same magic against the Bears.

18 (21). TENNESSEE TITANS - Chris Johnson should change his nickname from CJ2K to CJ625. Javon Ringer has become a better option for the Titans and fantasy owners.

19 (22). KANSAS CITY CHIEFS - From 0-3 to leading the AFC West. Thanks to Todd Haley for being the only coach to wear a Halloween costume in week 8.

20 (18). OAKLAND RAIDERS - It's entirely possible they got worse in the bye week. All the signing of TJ Houshmandzadeh does is give Carson Palmer a guy who's name he can remember.

21 (17). DALLAS COWBOYS - Why people thought the Cowboys were going to be a playoff team after doing nothing to get better in the off-season, is beyond me.

22 (19). WASHINGTON REDSKINS - Is there a life preserver available?

23 (23). CLEVELAND BROWNS - They might be the most boring team in the NFL.

24 (24). CAROLINA PANTHERS - Snatched defeat from the hands of victory when Olindo Mare missed on a 31 yard field goal that would have forced overtime against the Vikings. PS - Cam Newton is on pace to throw for over 5,000 yards.

25 (25). JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS - I really like watching their defense. I wish I could say the same for the offense. Side note - each week I do these rankings, I completely space on who the Jaguars played.

26 (26). SEATTLE SEAHAWKS - Normally I would drop a team after being pasted. The problem is, the rest of the teams on this list stink as well.

27 (29). ST LOUIS RAMS - Well where the heck has THAT been for six weeks? Give AJ Feely credit for not screwing up, but he was not the reason the Rams beat the Saints...running back Stephen Jackson was.

28 (30). MINNESOTA VIKINGS - Give Christian Ponder credit for not screwing up, but he was not the reason the Rams beat the Panthers...running back Adrian Peterson was.

29 (27). DENVER BRONCOS - Are we done with this Tebow thing now? No? Here's an idea - use him exclusively when the team is inside the opponents 10 yard line. Tebow is decent in the red zone, and awful the other 80 yards of the field.

30 (28). ARIZONA CARDINALS - Bad teams find ways to lose games and that's exactly what the Cardinals did in blowing a 21 point lead against the Ravens.

31 (31). INDIANAPOLIS COLTS - On the bright side, the Colts defense allowed 35 fewer points to the Titans than they did to the Saints.

32 (32). MIAMI DOLPHINS - Suck for Luck.