Kevin Durant plays flag football with college kids


Kevin Durant plays flag football with college kids

CREATED Nov 1, 2011

NBA players are bored. Really bored. And while some are content staying at home counting their millions and waiting for the league or the players union to budge, others are seeking more constructive opportunities.

Kevin Durant, the all-world forward from the Oklahoma City Thunder tweeted Monday he was looking for a flag football game to play. An opportunistic fraternity boy from Oklahoma State responded to Durant's tweet. Next thing you know, Durant is playing quarterback and safety for the Sigma Nu team on campus in Stillwater.

This is the kind of marketing the NBA couldn't conjure up if they tried. This is simply a kid who is used to playing, finding a game, and connecting with a bunch of college kid in the state he plays professionally.

Click here to read the full story and see video. I love stuff like this.