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Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 8


Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

CREATED Oct 26, 2011

BIGGEST JUMP: New York Jets (from 18 to 14)

BIGGEST DROP: Oakland Raiders (from 11 to 18)

1 (1). GREEN BAY PACKERS - Defense has allowed over 400 yards four times this season, but teams are only averaging 20 points per game. Meanwhile, the Packers offense scored 20 points in the third quarter against the Vikings.

2 (2). NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - Bye week.

3 (4). SAN FRANCISCO 49ers - Bye week. A couple teams stumbled this past weekend allowing the 49ers to move into a rare position. I'd be shocked if they held this position or greater three weeks from now.

4 (7). NEW ORLEANS SAINTS - The Saints increased their BCS profile with a 62-7 win over the Colts.

5 (8). PITTSBURGH STEELERS - Not that beating the lowly Cardinals is cause for celebration, but the Steelers seem to have corrected things after a shaky start.

6 (3). BALTIMORE RAVENS - Their offense had 16 yards in the first half of their loss to the Jaguars. I have no explanation.

7 (5). DETROIT LIONS - Back to back losses at home was not what I expected after some quality road wins.

8 (6). SAN DIEGO CHARGERS - Their loss to the Jets had nothing to do with cross-country travel. It had everything to do with lack of poise, passion, and killer instinct. Two words: Fraud Alert!

9 (9). NY GIANTS - Bye week.

10 (10). BUFFALO BILLS - Bye week.

11 (13). HOUSTON TEXANS - They hung 41 points on the Titans, who are still wondering how many Arian Foster's are on the Texans roster.

12 (14). ATLANTA FALCONS - With the Saints in a groove, the Falcons win over the Lions was critical. Matt Ryan tweaked his ankle, but will have the benefit of a bye week to rest.

13 (16). CHICAGO BEARS - Matt Forte became the first player since 2004 to go over 1000 combined yards through seven games. Not sure what else he needs to do for Jerry Angelo to open his wallet.

14 (18). NY JETS - It wasn't pretty, but the Jets never say die attitude on Sunday earned them a win. According to Head Coach Rex Ryan, the next stop for the Jets is Super Bowl 46.

15 (12). TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS - If they could just avoid flights over 4 hours, they'd be much better off.

16 (17). CINCINNATI BENGALS - Bye week.

17 (19). DALLAS COWBOYS - Bye week. Apparently Mrs. Romo is pregnant.

18 (11). OAKLAND RAIDERS - Kyle Boller and Carson Palmer threw a combined 6 interceptions in their 28-0 loss to the Chiefs. I never thought a team would hope for Jason Campbell's return.

19 (15). WASHINGTON REDSKINS - The ship is sinking in Washington. Rex Grossman and John Beck stink, RB Tim Hightower will miss the remainder of the season with injury, and WR Santana Moss will miss at least 5 weeks.

20 (21). PHILADELPHIA EAGLES - Bye week.

21 (20). TENNESSEE TITANS - They are a very confusing 3-3 team. When they're good, they're really good. When they're bad, they're REALLY bad.

22 (26). KANSAS CITY CHIEFS - They're heating up...

23 (22). CLEVELAND BROWNS - Somewhere in fantasy football land, someone is going to pick up Chris Ogbonnaya and be more excited about it than they should be. He was the leading receiver in the Browns exciting 6-3 win over the Seahawks.

24 (24). CAROLINA PANTHERS - Alright, I'll say it: I was dead wrong about Cam Newton. I'm very impressed with him, and think he's terribly fun to watch.

25 (25). JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS - I wonder how much Vegas sports book betters lost when the Jags beat the Ravens Monday night?

26 (23). SEATTLE SEAHAWKS - Charlie Whitehurst passed for 97 yards and completed 40% of his passes. Someone remind me why the Seahawks gave up on Matt Hasselbeck...

27 (28). DENVER BRONCOS - Unbelievable.

28 (27). ARIZONA CARDINALS - If Kurt Warner is looking for fuel to propel his Hall of Fame hopes, he should add highlights of how the Cardinals have played since his retirement.

29 (29). ST LOUIS RAMS - They just can't catch a break.

30 (30). MINNESOTA VIKINGS - In less than a year, Donovan McNabb has been benched for Rex Grossman, and rookie Christian Ponder.


32 (32). MIAMI DOLPHINS - Te-Bow, Te-Bow, Te-Bow!!!