What Vikings fans are saying about the loss


What Vikings fans are saying about the loss

CREATED Oct. 24, 2011

The Green Bay Packers head into the bye week with a perfect 7-0 record after a 33-27 win over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday afternoon in Minnesota. Aaron Rodgers was brilliant once again throwing for 335 yards and 3 touchdown passes.

Dating back to last season, the Packers have won 13 straight games heading into the bye week.

Below are a variety of comments from Vikings fans following the game. As always, I have not edited any of the comments. All grammatical and spelling errors have been left in for flavor.


Frazier must go...I was one of his biggest proponents, but not going for it with less than 3 mins left thinking you can stop the best offense in the game on 3 and out and eating all 3 of your timeouts, when you haven't stopped them on 3 and out all game? Pathetic. And knowing the soft reporters in this town, no one will push him on it.

OK by Ponder, AP, #81 and #69. The rest stunk - Robinson could as well as been a no-show along with the LB's & Secondary - and Frazier.

Encouraging start for Ponder. I think Frazier abandoned the run to quick on the last possession.

We finally have our future QB. Now we need to get another Coach with some damn brains.

At least they showed up against the best team in the league. Ponder at least gives us some hope we can compete.

The Vikings don't need to suck for Luck. The Vikings clearly have something to work with in Ponder.

Okay, ENOUGH. 13 for 32 and a QB rating of 59.2 Fantastic???? Really?? How about 24 for 30, now that is fantastic. A 59.2 QB rating will get you to 3rd string status very quickly.

How about a few receivers show up to play? My grandmother can run faster than these clods!

This sad sack team isn't even worthy of playing in the HHH Metrodome. Notice how many Green Bay fans were there to support the Packers? Now that's a team that has it together.

If not for the bad 3rd quarter, the Vikes win that game!

Christian Ponder showed a lot of athleticism, poise and accuracy. He should have been starting all year and we would be 4-3 or 5-2 right now.

Green Bay Pukers might win 16 games but all will end in the first game playoff lost to a really bad wildcard team.

The old style uniforms were a lot better looking than the ones we have now.

With 3rd string CBs and Packers only won by six ? Packers need to check theirselves, after they change their Depends.

An oddly satisfying loss for the Vikings.

Exactly why did the Vikings pay big money for Greenway? He was absent all day and I was beginning to wonder if he was still on the roster.

Interesting that so many fans here know more than the coaches. They hated Childress and now the venom is out for Frazier. Who would want to coach in this town with fans like this?

Lots of holes in MN defense...with Greenway being one of them. All year..No sacks, no turnovers, average linebacker.....not worth 30M...pathetic.

How does anyone kick someone in the bells and not get thrown out of the game....big fine coming.

Now can we give Mcnabb a bus ticket home?