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Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 7


Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 7

CREATED Oct 19, 2011

No need for a lengthy intro this week. Let's get into it.

BIGGEST JUMP: San Francisco 49ers (from 10 to 4)

BIGGEST DROP: Washington Redskins (from 8 to 15)

1 (1). GREEN BAY PACKERS - Dominating teams without playing perfect football. The fact this team has room to improve should scare the daylight out of opposing coordinators.

2 (4). NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - Back in their familiar position atop the AFC East.

3 (5). BALTIMORE RAVENS - Aside of their loss to the Titans in week 2, the Ravens have obliterated their opponents by a combined score of 135-45.

4 (10). SAN FRANCISCO 49ers - I never thought they would make it this high, but a 48-3 thrashing over Tampa Bay followed by a 25-19 win at Detroit (hard handshake and all) looks nice on the resume. Defense is the calling card of this team.

5 (3). DETROIT LIONS - I mentioned last week that the Lions posses a nice balance of offense and defense. One thing I failed to point out is that within the offense is a struggling ground game.

6 (7). SAN DIEGO CHARGERS - They're ranked high because of their record, but I'm putting the Chargers on fraud alert. Narrow wins over the Vikings, Chiefs, Dolphins and Broncos (combined record of 4-17) are not enough to make me a believer.

7 (2). NEW ORLEANS SAINTS - It's rare to say this, but the careless play of Drew Brees cost the Saints a win last weekend.

8 (9). PITTSBURGH STEELERS - Troy Polamalu still has an uncanny ability to get across the line of scrimmage before the offensive line reacts to the snap. Sometimes I can't believe what I'm watching when I see that guy play.

9 (12). NY GIANTS - Giants = yo-yo

10 (6). BUFFALO BILLS - They're playing like a poor-man's New England. Strong offense...shaky defense.

11 (13). OAKLAND RAIDERS - "Hello. My name is Carson Palmer, and I'm your new quarterback." Somewhere, Drew Rosenhaus is enraged that Terrelle Pryor wasn't considered.

12 (15). TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS - Maybe the cross-country flight to San Francisco really was the reason they got pounded by the 49ers. Whatever the case, the Bucs rebounded well in defeating the Saints.

13 (11). HOUSTON TEXANS - Their walk through the AFC South is not going to be as easy after all.

14 (17). ATLANTA FALCONS - Were in desperate need of a win over Carolina, and they got it. Can they do the same against the Lions in week 7?

15 (8). WASHINGTON REDSKINS - And then Rex Grossman realized he was, in fact, Rex Grossman. Four interceptions in a loss to the Eagles.

16 (18). CHICAGO BEARS - They seemed to use more of a rhythm approach to the offense against the Vikings. Shorter drops for Jay Cutler allowed him to stay on his feet. One question: what the heck took Mike Martz so long to realize this is how the passing game would work best?

17 (20). CINCINNATI BENGALS - Rookie QB Andy Dalton has been good enough for the Bengals to trade Carson Palmer. Rookie WR AJ Green has been a stud.

18 (16). NY JETS - The only teams the Jets would have beaten with their performance on Monday night occupy positions 29-32 in these power rankings.

19 (14). DALLAS COWBOYS - They played an aggressive, pass-happy game with the lead against Detroit and lost. They played a more conservative ball-control style with the lead against the Patriots and lost. Whatever, I'm sick of hearing about their talent level being off the charts.

20 (19). TENNESSEE TITANS - Bye week.

21 (21). PHILADELPHIA EAGLES - Rex Grossman threw four interceptions and the Eagles won by just seven points.

22 (22). CLEVELAND BROWNS - Offense lacks sizzle...with or without Peyton Hillis

23 (23). SEATTLE SEAHAWKS - Bye week. Although some would argue that even when they play, it's like a bye week.

24 (24). CAROLINA PANTHERS - They're probably the most entertaining bad team in the NFL.

25 (25). JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS - The Jaguars will play Monday night against the Ravens. That ought to be a good one. Re-runs of Monk might be a better option.

26 (26). KANSAS CITY CHIEFS - Bye week.

27 (27). ARIZONA CARDINALS - See Seattle

28 (28). DENVER BRONCOS - "Alright Timmy Tebow. Get in there and win us a game. Oh - and we traded our best receiver...sorry about that."

29 (29). ST LOUIS RAMS - "Alright Brandon Lloyd. Get in there and win us a game. Oh - Sam, meet your new receiver."

30 (30). MINNESOTA VIKINGS - The Christian Ponder era begins Sunday afternoon against the Packers.

31 (31). INDIANAPOLIS COLTS - Well, at least the effort isn't lacking...

32 (32). MIAMI DOLPHINS - On the clock.