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Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 6


Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 6

CREATED Oct 12, 2011

We've reached the point in the season where the bye weeks come into play. We've also reached the point of the season where just two teams remain unbeaten. The Packers and Lions are both 5-0, and will face each other for the first time on Thanksgiving day.

BIGGEST JUMP: San Francisco 49ers (from 20 to 10)

BIGGEST DROP: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from 8 to 15)

1 (1). GREEN BAY PACKERS - Never easy to win in the Georgia Dome. The Packers came from behind to beat Atlanta comfortably. After 5 weeks, QB Aaron Rodgers is the MVP of the league.

2 (2). NEW ORLEANS SAINTS - They barely hung on against Carolina, and barely hung on to the #2 position in these rankings.

3 (3). DETROIT LIONS - Of the teams in the top 5, I think the Lions have the best blend of offense and defense.

4 (4). NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - We know about the passing attack, but the Patriots rushing attack is ranked 6th in the league. Its a good thing because their defense is allowing more yards than any team in the NFL.

5 (6). BALTIMORE RAVENS - Coming off the bye week, the Ravens defense will be put to the test by the Texans.

6 (9). BUFFALO BILLS - Very nice rebound win over the Eagles after a loss to the Bengals the week prior.

7 (11). SAN DIEGO CHARGERS - They're 4-1, but continue to play to the level of their competition. That might look good against Green Bay, but it didn't against Denver.

8 (13). WASHINGTON REDSKINS - The Redskins are in the drivers seat in the NFC East and host a struggling Eagles team this weekend.

9 (15). PITTSBURGH STEELERS - So much for the Steelers offense struggling due to a gimpy Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben threw 5 TD passes in a dominating win over the Titans.

10 (20). SAN FRANCISCO 49ers - Hard for me to keep a 4-1 team out of the top 10. Jim Harbaugh has QB Alex Smith believing in himself and playing well. For that reason alone he deserves to be coach of the year.

11 (5). HOUSTON TEXANS - Losing all-world WR Andre Johnson for a few weeks is bad. Losing all-world DE Mario Williams is far worse for a team that was showing signs of significant improvement on defense.

12 (7). NY GIANTS - Just when I give them credit for a nice rebound, they crap the bed against the Seahawks. Call it a meltdown, call it a letdown, it was ugly.

13 (18). OAKLAND RAIDERS - Playing with heavy hearts following the passing of Al Davis, the Raiders responded with a 25-20 win over the Texans.

14 (17). DALLAS COWBOYS - Dallas is coming off a bye...and that's a good thing seeing as the Patriots are the next opponent.

15 (8). TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS - I have no explanation for their 48-3 loss to the 49ers other than the cross-country flight.

16 (10). NY JETS - I love it when Rex Ryan has no answers for his teams performance.

17 (12). ATLANTA FALCONS - After their 25-14 loss to the Packers, the Falcons have matched their loss total from a season ago.

18 (14). CHICAGO BEARS - Jay Cutler is going to end up missing games due to injury if he's forced to pass so much. The Bears offensive line is offensive.

19 (16). TENNESSEE TITANS - They open eyes with brilliant play one week, and look lost the next. Hard team to figure out.

20 (25). CINCINNATI BENGALS - They'll continue to win games if their defense yields 18.8 points per game.

21 (19). PHILADELPHIA EAGLES - They seem to be making the same mistakes from game to game.

22 (22). CLEVELAND BROWNS - Bye week. I have nothing else to say about the Browns.

23 (26). SEATTLE SEAHAWKS - They scored 20 points in the 4th quarter against the Giants. I would have thought 20 points was a two game sum.

24 (24). CAROLINA PANTHERS - It doesn't seem fair. The Panthers were 1-16 last season and have the toughest schedule in the league this season.

25 (21). JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS - The Bengals hung 30 points on them?

26 (27). KANSAS CITY CHIEFS - Back to back wins! So what if they were over the Vikings and Colts.

27 (23). ARIZONA CARDINALS - They're not calling for Matt Leinart's return...yet...but Kevin Kolb has not been the answer.

28 (28). DENVER BRONCOS - Fans get what they want with Tebow named the starter. I wonder what #2 QB Brady Quinn thinks?

29 (21). ST LOUIS RAMS - With Sam Bradford in the mix, would the Rams draft Stanford QB Andrew Luck with the first pick should they own it?

30 (32). MINNESOTA VIKINGS - 28 and 12. The only players on the field who should touch the ball for the Vikings offense.

31 (30). INDIANAPOLIS COLTS - Curtis Painter gives the Colts a better chance to win than Kerry Collins.

32 (31). MIAMI DOLPHINS - To add injury to insult, QB Chad Henne is gone for the year with injury. How long before Kyle Orton is traded to the Dolphins?