NBA to lose at least two weeks of regular season


NBA to lose at least two weeks of regular season

CREATED Oct 10, 2011

As expected, the inability to strike a new Collective Bargaining agreement has forced NBA commissioner David Stern to cancel the first two weeks of the NBA's regular season. Opening night was scheduled for November 1st, and the league has been locked out since July 1st.

The news broke about 8:00CST, and player reaction via twitter was instantaneous. Here's a small sample. 

Steve Nash: Why are the owners unwilling to negotiate in good faith? As a player I apologize to the fans that we're in this position, but we will not be taken advantage of. In our hearts we're desperate to play, in our minds we know better.

The players are negotiating to take less money & let's be clear that's not going to lower ticket prices, it just lines the owners pockets.

Andrew Bogut: So I guess im in Australia a little longer....

Brandon Jennings: no training camp, no pre-season, first 2 weeks cancelled.... This is really crazy!!! I miss the Bradley Center, teammates and coaches