Axford OK, Hairston Jr. to start again


Axford OK, Hairston Jr. to start again

CREATED Oct 10, 2011

We just listened to Ron Roenicke address the media before game two of the NLCS between the Brewers and Cardinals.

First things first: Closer John Axford is available tonight after taking a line drive off the right elbow in a play that ended game one.

"I was concerned that thing would swell up overnight and he wouldn't be able to go," Roenicke said. "It got him pretty good. Very happy to see that he's OK today."

Also back in the lineup at third base is Jerry Hairston Jr. The veteran utility player has been incredibly effective hitting .400 in the (8 for 20 in the postseason). Hairston has also hit Cardinals starter Edwin Jackson at a .545 clip (6 for 11) in his career.

"When you get in the playoffs," Roenicke said, "you don't know what the young players are going to do. I know what Jerry Hairston is going to do. He's not going to freak out, and when the games on the line he wants to be in there."

You might remember the last time Jackson pitched in Milwaukee, Casey McGehee had a career day with three HR's. Those are McGehee's only hits against Jackson in 13 at bats.

"Sometimes I wish I had another spot in the lineup for a guy," Roenicke said, but "I've gotta stick with Jerry."