What they're saying in St. Louis after the loss


What they're saying in St. Louis after the loss

CREATED Oct 9, 2011

The Milwaukee brewers are off and runing with a 1-0 lead in the NLCS after a thrilling, come-from-behind 9-6 win over the St. Louis Cardinals Sunday afternoon at Miller Park. The Brewers were keyed by a 6 run 5th inning in which Cardinals starter Jamie Garcia was roughed up for four earned runs.

Here's what Cardinals fans had to say after the game. These comments were taken from the St. Louis Post Dispatch. As always, I did not alter any of the comments, not did I check spelling or grammar...it's more authentic that way.


You'd have thought the stock market had just crashed along with your life savings. It's one freeking game, get a grip. We lace em up and go at it again tomorrow. It's called competition and it just wasn't our day.

The Brewers didn't bash the Cardinals today. The Cardinals gave the game away with another inexcusable collapse. this is exactly what they did with Philly in Game 1 of the NLDS: jump out in the lead early and then blow it in the middle innings with pitching that is highly inconsistent and the bats shut down simultaneously.

Garcia+Pujols+Dotel=FAIL...Question: Garcia needs to visit wizard of oz for a) Heart, b) Courage, c) Brain, d) all of the above?...if u guessed (d) you are correct...What a disaster...

Chalk another one up for TLR and his stupidity!!!

"PU" Pujols has looked terrible. Teams have his game, pitch him inside or the dirt, and the guy swings.

A big chance to get back in the game, 1st & 3rd, no outs, Saito struggling. Albert the not-so-great takes a horrible AB, swinging at balls out of the zone and as scripted in April and throughout the year rolls into the rally killer DP, no RBI. Just brutal !

This team loses games it should win and wins some you wouldn't think they would otherwise. I'm not going to get too annoyed by this one if they can come back and take the next one.

I said yesterday if the big bats don't start hitting and earning their pay it would be sad ending to a great run. So here we go again---- leaving it up to the bottom of the order to bring runs home.

I forgot how cocky and arrogant these brewers are. You may win this one, but you haven't won the series yet. Save the theatrics for later, brew crew.

...remember the "Brewcrew" winning game 1 in 1982 by a score of 10-0. You can google how that series turned out.

Why cant they see when Garcia is melting down.

The Brewers held serve in game 1. BFD! I dont know the exact saying, but it is something to the effect of its not a series until the road team wins a game...the Brewers were supposed to win game one.

People relax, Garcia blew it, LaRussa blew it by leaving him in. That said it's only the 1st game, like we've never been in this position before. We still have more games to play, chill the fudge out.

Calm down! This was GAME ONE folks! Cards will take this in 6.