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Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 4


Matzek's NFL Power Rankings: Week 4

CREATED Sep 28, 2011

Just when I thought things were starting to take shape, 6 of the top 10 teams in my power rankings lost. After navigating through a complex system of levers and pulleys, and a couple Miller Lites, I was able to develop this weeks rankings.

BIGGEST JUMP: Buffalo Bills (from 15 to 5)

BIGGEST DROP: San Diego Chargers (from 13 to 17)


1 (1). GREEN BAY PACKERS - A ten point road win over the rival Bears is impressive to me. Packers run defense held Matt Forte to 9 carries for 2 yards.

2 (3). NEW ORLEANS SAINTS - Allowed 33 points, but scored 40 in beating an explosive Houston Texans team.

3 (7). DETROIT LIONS - One of three unbeaten teams in the NFL. Lions haven't been 3-0 since 1980.

4 (2). NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - Tom Brady was intercepted 4 times in their loss to the Bills. Pass defense is the Patriots weak spot.

5 (15). BUFFALO BILLS - They won a shootout against the Patriots and are one of three undefeated teams in the NFL.

6 (4). NY JETS - Saw there loss to the Raiders coming from a mile away. Cross country travel for an early game is a recipe for disaster.

7 (5). HOUSTON TEXANS - The Texans "improved" defense allowed 40 points to the Saints.

8 (11). BALTIMORE RAVENS - They blew out the Steelers in week one, were thrashed by the Titans in week two, and blew out the Rams in week three. (???)

9 (6). PHILADELPHIA EAGLES - What injury will Michael Vick sustain in week 4?

10 (12). TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS - The Bucs will not go down without a fight in the NFC South.

11 (8). PITTSBURGH STEELERS - Not exactly an inspiring win over the Colts, but hey, it was a win.

12 (9). ATLANTA FALCONS - They are one loss away from equaling their season total from 2010.

13 (10). CHICAGO BEARS - Maybe they should just line up Devin Hester 10 yards deep and snap it to him.

14 (16). NY GIANTS - It's early, but their win over the Eagles might have been a season saver.

15 (14). DALLAS COWBOYS - Tony Romo slept in a chair all week because his cracked rib and punctured lung were too much to deal with lying down. He didn't lead his team into the endzone on Monday night, but he did lead his team to a win over the Redskins.

16 (18). OAKLAND RAIDERS - Any team that scores 34 points against the Jets is worth watching.

17 (13). SAN DIEGO CHARGERS - Survived a squeaker against the Chiefs. It's official: The Chargers are destined to play to the level of their competition the entire season. That's why I placed them just below the middle of these rankings.

18 (17). WASHINGTON REDSKINS - Give the defense credit for keeping the Cowboys out of the endzone. Now if they could only have blocked one of their field goals...

19 (23). TENNESSEE TITANS - Budding star WR Kenny Britt is out for the season with a torn ACL and MCL. Overpriced RB Chris Johnson hasn't shown up yet. Oh - and the Titans beat the Broncos.

20 (19). JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS - Hard to judge Gabbert's performance in the awful conditions in Carolina. I think he'll be a good one.

21 (20). ST LOUIS RAMS - As it stands, they're in trouble. If they weren't in the NFC West, they'd be in serious trouble.

22 (24). SAN FRANCISCO 49ers - They beat the Bengals 13-8 in what was arguably the worst football game I've ever seen.

23 (26). CLEVELAND BROWNS - I wouldn't say they were impressive in their win over the Dolphins, but it WAS a win.

24 (21). ARIZONA CARDINALS - They lost to the Seahawks. Ouch.

25 (22). MIAMI DOLPHINS - Head Coach Tony Sporano is on the hot seat.

26 (25). MINNESOTA VIKINGS - For the 3rd straight week they blew a sizeable lead and lost. Terrible start for the Vikings.

27 (29). CAROLINA PANTHERS - Cam throws for 400+ yards twice and loses both games. He throws for 158 and wins. Go figure.

28 (31). SEATTLE SEAHAWKS - They won a game? Oh was against a division opponent.

29 (27). INDIANAPOLIS COLTS - They hung tough against the Steelers, but...

30 (28). DENVER BRONCOS - Their only bright spot has been rookie LB Von Miller. That guy is outstanding.

31 (30). CINCINNATI BENGALS - See comment for San Francisco.

32 (25). KANSAS CITY CHIEFS - Nearing FG position, Matt Cassel threw the worst screen pass in the history of the NFL. The Chiefs are going to be lucky to win 3 games this season.