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What Bears fans are saying about the loss


What Bears fans are saying about the loss

CREATED Sep 26, 2011

The Green Bay Packers improved to 3-0 to start the NFL season after a 27-17 win over the Chicago Bears Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field.

The Packers controlled the ball for 37:29, intercepted Jay Cutler twice, and sacked him three times. Most shocking to me was the lack of a Bears run game. Officially, the Bears rushed 11 times for 13 yards. Starting RB Matt Forte carried the ball 9 times for 2 yards.

Needless to say, Bears fans are not pleased with the performance. Below are some notable fan quotes from the comments section of the Chicago Tribune. As usual, some are dead on with their analysis, while some are clearly delusional. Enjoy!

How many balls did Roy Williams catch? Bet he dropped more than he caught. He is the third person that needs to be released...

With the offensive (no pun intended) players that we have this team is not going anywhere. Last year we had a horseshoe up you know where, how many 3rd string quarterbacks did we play against? Plus a number of other very lucky breaks. It ain't happening this year and even if it did we still wouldn't win anything significant.

Lovie, Angelo and all the rest need to go. The sooner the better.

Everyone forgets that teams with "great" QBs are the teams with the best Offensive Lines and receivers that can get open and actually catch the ball.

Thank you Bears for maintaining the spread. I appreciate the effort.

Embarrassed to the max. Losing is okay if you at least play your best. Maybe this is the best the Bears can do against a good football team.

Cutler outplayed Rodgers in every aspect other than in completions and points...also, don't forget that Martz' genius created the greatest show on turf and he is doing just that in Chicago but over time, so show some patience. Bear fans dwell on the win/loss record too much and really need to look at the big picture.

Can't blame this loss on Cutler. It was said that his receiving crew is "pedestrian." No, they are pathetic. There were at least 6 passes that were right to the receivers that they flat out dropped.

Fox Sports headline: "Bears Offense Stuck in Mud" Pretty much says it all. Again is say, at least they are consistent. Consistently bad, but consistent.

The Packers looked very, very beatable today. Almost bad. It was the Bears ineptitude and a bad call by a ref that gave Green Bay the victory.

GB is a very vulnerable team right now. (NOTE: This was my personal favorite)

All aboard the LOVE boat....ship sails in 1 hour...destination unknown but beware it is a 1 one way ticket!!

If that ball would have just stuck into Johnny Knox's helmet they had a chance to win that one!

Why won't Bears fans ever admit that the problem is with the coaching, not the quarterback? Every QB they bring in does far better on other teams than they do with the Bears.

I just don't like Cutler's attitude....comes off as arrogant....his body language is awful on the field/sidelines.

Another pitiful game by the offensive line....and yes, they SURE were offensive out there.....receivers dropping easy catches, and Martz's mystifying play calling.....but the single worst thing was this was the WORST officiated game I have seen in 10 years.

Queen Cutler strikes again, but at least he didn't quit mid game this time.

Matt Forte had a total of 2 yards on 9 carries? Y'know, that's only 2 more yards than I had, and I didn't even play.

Both the Bears and the Cubs should change their names to something else--need a really new beginning.

3 games into the season and we're trailing the cheesers by 2 1/2 games with the head2head loss AT HOME.   And 2 games behind Detroit?   DisGUSTing!! 

Realistically the Bears will lose the second game against Green Bay, at least one game against Minnesota and most likely both games against Detroit.  Thus, you can pencil them is at 1-6 right now.

Lovie takes the blame for this loss, the Bears were totally unprepared for this game. We will find out about the Bears next week, a loss and they will battle the Vikes for last. Matt Forte may not be worth signing.

It's frustrating watching the Bears. I have a feeling it's going to be a long season.