NL MVP: Fielder or Braun


NL MVP: Fielder or Braun

CREATED Aug. 19, 2011

It's a great question.

I remember several years ago when the St. Louis Rams - the greatest show on turf - had a pair of MVP candidates in QB Kurt Warner and do-everything RB Marshall Faulk.

I remember being perplexed as to how the MVP race could involve two players from the same team. After all, if one were to have gone down with injury, at least the team had the benefit of the other. Now that a similar scenario has developed with the Milwaukee Brewers, I'm finding myself agreeing with the sentiment that both players are deserving of the award. It's a sign that I've evolved in my line of thinking...either that or I just hated the Rams.

Whatever the case, the Braun/Fielder MVP debate is an interesting one given their numbers, and importance to the team.

Braun has a higher bating average (.329) than Fielder (.302), but Fielder has more HR's and RBI (27/90 vs. 23/78). But Fielder has the benefit of having Braun hitting ahead of him.

If you move away from hitting stats, Braun has more usable speed and while his defense isn't gold glove worthy yet, he is a superior defender to Fielder.

Regardless of who wins, Fielder and Braun will be in the hunt as long as the Brewers remain in the hunt for the NL Central crown.

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