Brandon Jennings gets an internship; Leuer to play in Germany


Brandon Jennings gets an internship; Leuer to play in Germany

CREATED Aug 5, 2011

With the NBA lockout in full force, and no sign of lifting, NBA players are mulling over all sorts of ideas for occupying their time.

Some, like Milwaukee Bucks 2nd round draft choice Jon Leuer, have signed on to play overseas with an "out" clause to return to the NBA when the lockout is lifted. Leuer will play for Skyliners Frankfurt in Germany.

Bucks PG Brandon Jennings is taking a business-like approach during these uncertain times. Jennings has scored a summer internship with the company he represents, Under Armour.

Jennings is learning about the world of sports marketing and the business side of endorsement deals. He's also contributing to shoe design.

Under Armour is based in Baltimore, and has full workout facilities on campus for Jennings to keep in shape while playing in high-level summer league games in Washington DC with other NBA players.

Candidly - I love what both are doing. Jennings is taking full advantage of the opportunity's in front of him. He's a smart kid who wants to be great - both as a basketball player, and a person.

Leuer needs time on the court in order to develop into a solid NBA player. Playing in Europe will be a level of ball higher than college level ball, and hopefully be a decent ramp into the NBA.