NFL Free Agent List


NFL Free Agent List

CREATED Jul 26, 2011

Let the games begin - both on and off the field!

Now that the NFL lockout is in the rear view mirror, the focus turns to what is expected to be the most frenzied free agent period in the history of pro sports. Essentially, three months of off-season will be condensed into a period of a couple weeks.

Among veterans, draft picks, and undrafted rookies, there are about 1,000 players that will be scooped up by the 32 teams. As part of the new deal, team salary caps will be set at $120, but there is also a commitment from each team to spend at least 99% of that number.

The craziness will begin Tuesday, July 26th. Teams will be able to sign their own free agents, draft picks and undrafted players, make trades and start courting the unrestricted free agents on the market.

Just who are those players? The NFL released their official list of free agents Monday evening.