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NFL Free Agent Frenzy


NFL Free Agent Frenzy

CREATED Jul 21, 2011

On you marks....set....

The NFL free agency period will start immediately upon an agreed upon co-signed agreement between the owners and players. It is expected to be the most frenzied free agency period in sports history. Typically, the free agency period allows for agents to play the waiting game with their clients in an attempt to secure the most lucrative deal and/or best fit.

This year's free agency period will not allow for that luxury. It likely means that top shelf free agents will get their money, but mid-tiered free agents (like the Packers John Kuhn and Brandon Jackson) will not have a chance to eek out every last cent on a new contract by playing the game.

You might say the advantage belongs to the team in this scenario, but not so fast. Teams are gearing up like psycho shoppers waiting to invade Wal Mart on Black Friday to buy $4 flat screen televisions.

For the Green Bay Packers, a team that doesn't venture too deep in to the free agent pool, there is little concern about getting "their guy". The trick will be keeping the guys from their 2010 roster they want. As a reminder, the most notable unrestricted free agents for the Packers are:

  • WR; James Jones
  • RB; Brandon Jackson
  • FB; John Kuhn
  • OL; Daryn Colledge
  • DL; Cullen Jenkins
  • K; Mason Crosby

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