What Mets fans are saying about the KRod trade


What Mets fans are saying about the KRod trade

CREATED Jul 13, 2011

New Yorker's have never been shy about expressing their opinion. With that as a backdrop, I took a brief scan at some Mets message boards looking for juicy nuggets regarding the Francisco Rodriguez trade executed by their GM, Sandy Alderson and Brewers GM, Doug Melvin.

To recap, the Brewers have obtained Rodriguez and cash in exchange for two players to be named later. I'm told the Mets will have their choice among 5 players, and will need to make their decision before the season ends, though this has not been confirmed by Melvin, or the Milwaukee Brewers.




  • The Brewers will let him set up 15-20 games and dump him. Then Boras can shop him around and try to get a decent contract which will be nowhere near 18 million for on year. More like for 3.
  • He's already blown a few saves this year, a hole slew of games last year and generally he's unreliable when the pressure is really on (remember the blown save against the Yanks last year? Ugh!). He's a disaster as a human being too and I wouldn't want him on my team around other young players setting an example what with beating up his fiance's dad and on mound "in your face" histrionics.
  • Good riddance.
  • Good move for the Brewers. They're in win-now mode between the trades for Marcum and Greinke and the looming free agency of Prince Fielder. Won't end up costing them anything of significance in terms of players traded. They're going for it this year the way they went for it with CC Sabathia...good for them.
  • We could be getting back a low level A ball guy with a 12 era and the guy who makes Prince Fielder's runs to McDonalds for all I care. That's better than having to pay K-Rod next year and all but ensuring we won't be able to sign Reyes.
  • Money issues aside...I was getting more nervous when he came in the game. He seemed to be losing a bit off his fastball.
  • I tell you what, Brewers are going for it, and I honestly really hope they win the World Series, it be good for baseball and that franchise...
  • Quotes from the Brewers make it pretty apparent that F-Rod will be setting up Axford so the option will definitely not vest. Boras is going to have a hissy fit.
  • player to be named later and paying his 5 million salary, I could have done that..... give me a break...
  • Couldn't expect to get much of a prospect for him because of the expensive salary and mediocre results. Brewers have one of the worst farm systems in baseball in case anyone is wondering.
  • It's good that K-Rod is gone...but for players to be named? That always means minimal talent, some bum minor leaguers.
  • Excellent move, K-Rod never lived up to the hype in a Met uniform. He walked too many hitters and put way too much pressure on the defense.
  • Last August, he was arrested for attacking the grandfather of his children at Citi Field. He agreed to undergo court-monitored anger management therapy, which seemed to have a positive affect, and he had no reported incidents this year.
  • This might be a good trade for Milwaukee. They go for a World Series this year, and if K-rods contract doesn't vest then he becomes a free agent, and the Brewers get two picks, assuming K-rod is a type A free agent. Plus they have by far the worst farm system in baseball.