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Things I think...


Things I think...

CREATED Jul 11, 2011

With a vast array of 'happenings' in the world of sports, I thought it time to break out another version of things I think. Enjoy. Debate. Print. Make paper airplane.

  • I think the Brewers will need 91 wins to win the NL Central and make the playoffs.
  • I think the NL Central will have just one representative in the playoffs.
  • I think the Brewers will buy before the July 31st trade deadline, and that infield help trumps a bullpen addition at this point.
  • I think Mets SS Jose Reyes is out of reach, but Orioles SS J.J. Hardy would provide attainable value.
  • I think the St. Louis Cardinals are shopping for a closer.
  • I think Robinson Cano's 476 foot HR is the longest in HR derby history.
  • I think Prince Fielder just  missed hitting a pretzel stand in the right field concourse at Chase Field with a 474 foot blast.
  • I think if I were at Chase Field for the HR derby, I would do anything I could to get in that right field pool...and it has nothing to do with the possibility of catching a HR ball.
  • I think Rickie Weeks will get a lot of good natured ribbing from his teammates after a swing and miss on his first HR derby swing.
  • I think David Ortiz did a better job selecting HR derby contestants than Prince Fielder.
  • I think it's completely asinine that the winning league in the all-star game gets home field advantage in the world series.
  • I think the sports that have the most to gain if there is an extended lockout for the NFL and NBA, are NASCAR and the NHL.
  • I think the NBA will be lucky to play 50 games next season.
  • I think Culver's fish fry is a hidden gem in the Wisconsin fish fry world.
  • I think the Hall of Fame induction ceremony weekend will not contain a football game on August 7th.
  • I think the Green Bay Packers will open training camp before August 1st.
  • I think 75% of the people who say they would give the HR ball used for  Derek's Jeter his 3000th hit back to Jeter, are lying.
  • I think 100% of the people who said they would give the ball back would be disappointed if the team didn't compensate them in return.
  • I think before agreeing to give the ball to Jeter, I would have wanted to have all the options in front of me to make a more informed decision.
  • I think it's garbage that Jeter won't get to keep the ball.
  • I think Steve Stricker does an incredible job at showcasing his midwest values with each and every tournament he participates.
  • I think Stricker will finish in the top 10 at The Open Championship this week.
  • I think Rory McIlroy will find the Claret Jug elusive.
  • I think that Tiger Woods' "special announcement" of switching management companies further distances himself from fans he is trying to win back.
  • I think the US women's soccer team win over Brazil was an incredible showcase of team unity and perseverance, but doesn't belong in the same category as the miracle on ice.
  • I think the organizers of Milwaukee's Rock 'n Sole marathon need to land a hydrating beverage sponsor for 2012.
  • I think I'm done.