Man in Tiger suit, sues PGA


Man in Tiger suit, sues PGA

CREATED Jul 8, 2011

Jason Goodwin is a fan of Tiger Woods. So much so that he wore a tiger suit to a PGA event in 2010. Goodwin claims that tournament officials gave him the OK to wear the costume pictured below, but once he was spotted by Angel Cabrera (Tiger's playing partner that day) at the TPC in Boston, Goodwin was asked to leave.

Apparently a man in a bright orange, 8-foot tiger costume was a bit of a distraction to Cabrera, and his complaint lead to Goodwin's exit from the tournament.

Goodwin fought back and filed a small claims lawsuit against the PGA in Boston for $7150 - insisting his civil rights were "infringed upon".

To be honest - I could care less about the principles behind the lawsuit, or the fact that he was escorted off the course. What I can't get over is the costume, mannerisms (i.e. - golf clap), and thought process of the man who conjured up the idea to wear this thing to a PGA tournament. 

I just hope Goodwin held character and acted out his frustration with tournament officials who were escorting him out, versus pleading his case with words.