Brett Favre comeback? Yep - it's about that time


Brett Favre comeback? Yep - it's about that time

CREATED Jul 5, 2011

I threw up in my mouth when I read the transcript:  I do think Favre would be interested in talking to a team about returning.

Those are the words of former Vice President of Player Personnel for the Dallas Cowboys, Gil Brandt, written as part of a live chat conducted via NFL.com.

I suppose a comment like this comes as no surprise, neither does the amount of attention it has garnered, but it's become maddening. Not even a player lockout can eliminate talks of another Favre comeback.

Favre announced his retirement (for the third time) after a miserable season with the Vikings that left many thinking the future first ballot hall-of-famer was washed up. I was one of those people. But I maintained, even after his announced retirement, that if the NFL were in danger of losing games due to a lockout, the chances of Favre coming back would progressively increase with each passing Sunday sans football.

Certain teams (Carolina, San Francisco, Minnesota, Tennessee, Cincinnati) have significant quarterback questions heading into the 2011 season. Each team drafted a QB with the hopes of taking over their respective franchise in the near future. But each passing day the players are locked out is another day that a coaching staff cannot work on installing a new system, and another day where a rookie QB has to spend time working out on their own - or as part of a forced, pseudo-team workout organized by a veteran.

Enter Favre.

Here's a guy who hates training camp, but loves playing. Regardless of his ability level as a man in his 40's, Favre understands the game well enough to pick up and lead an offense in a condensed amount of time. He would most certainly drive ticket sales through the roof, and if he can pull in $10-15 million for however long the season is, more power to him.

The second comment of interest in the Brandt transcript was when he explained that he's not sure there is a team out there willing to bring Favre back as a starter.

I think there are a lot of people - Favre fans or not - who believe the only way they will accept that #4 is retired is if he isn't under center for a team in week 1.

In defense of Favre, this story was not started by the QB, but rather a man outside his family. But do you really think the 'ol gunslinger is going to refute Brandt's comments?