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NBA Draft: Local hopefuls Leuer and Butler gear up


NBA Draft: Local hopefuls Leuer and Butler gear up

CREATED Jun 21, 2011

I spent some time at the Milwaukee Bucks training center today as former WI Badgers forward, Jon Leuer and five other draft hopefuls were in town for a workout.

Leuer mentioned that his workout with the Bucks was number 16 on his pre-draft schedule, and he has one more scheduled in Dallas on June 22nd. I don't recall exactly how many workouts former Marquette forward, Jimmy Butler has completed, but he is for sure in the double digits. Both Leuer and Butler have a chance at landing in the first round - that's why they are working out for so many teams. If they can land in the first round, they will receive a guaranteed contract. That's a lot more comforting than a second rounder who essentially receives just an invite to camp.

Bucks scouting director Billy McKinney commented on Leuer saying there is a lot to like about his game, and that he is more athletic than some people think. From what I can gather, this seems to be a prevailing thought throughout the league as the 6'10" Leuer completes his magical mystery tour.

As for Butler, though he chose not to work out for the Bucks, McKinney said if he fell to #40, it was a "no brainer" he would be their pick. McKinney also mentioned that the team wanted to bring Butler in, but Butler declined. 

The reason Butler declined is that he felt as if he would not go as high as #10, or as low as #40. It's still a curious decision to me. By that same logic, players such as Tobias Harris (SF, Tennessee), and Chandler Parsons (SF, Florida) would have declined their invites from Milwaukee. Both were in Milwaukee on Tuesday.

I have not spoken to Butler since the end of the season, but aim to before, or just after the draft.

The NBA draft is scheduled for Thursday, June 23rd at 6:30pm. For those keeping score at home, I believe both Leuer and Butler will be drafted between 30-40, and if either one is available when the Bucks pick, Milwaukee will select one of the home-town hopefuls.