Cuban: Mavericks may not get championship rings


Cuban: Mavericks may not get championship rings

CREATED Jun 13, 2011

For as much as people like to rag on Mark Cuban for expressing is opinion and lunacy in a public forum, I like the guy. Sure, he's a bit over-zealous, and appears to have a short attention span, but the guy says what he thinks and isn't afraid to pay the consequences. What made me appreciate him more is the fact he never put himself ahead of the team during the finals. Cuban let the team to all the talking with their play against the Miami Heat.  Even after they had won, with microphone in his face, Cuban deflected praise to his team.

A guy like Cuban didn't get to where he is without taking chances, and he certainly is not afraid to break from convention. That's why it's no surprise that the zany owner of the Mavericks may seek an alternate means for "blinging" out his team after winning their first NBA title.

Cuban is not a fan of championship rings, and it appears as if he will go in a new direction. What pray tell, will he do?

Some suggestions: Championship belts...a new Escalade complete with championship rims...hood ornament plated and diamond studded jock straps...individual replica championship trophy's complete with wi-fi...a watch with a value of a Cessna airplane...individual Cessna to see Taylor Swift.

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