Haudricourt: Watch 'how Braun apologizes'

Jay Sorgi

Ryan Braun. Photo: Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Haudricourt: Watch 'how Braun apologizes'

Jay Sorgi
CREATED Aug. 19, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Is suspended Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun really willing to "face the music" for what he's done?

Journal Sentinel beat Writer and Brewers 360 contributor Tom Haudricourt told 620WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Morning News" that how Braun comes out and makes his points will say a lot.

"It will be interesting to see how Braun apologizes, what he says and if he does take questions," Haudricourt said.

Both ESPN and USA Today have reported that Braun could speak as early as Monday about the subject.

"The format is to be seen," explained Haudricourt, and the format could be just as important to some as the words.  "How many details we get, whether he takes questions will be interesting."

"If he releases a statement, I don't think that's going to please a lot of people, no matter how detailed it is.  I think a lot of people are going to want him to come to Milwaukee, hold a press conference and answer questions from reporters.  I'm not sure how anxious he'll be to answer questions about Dino Laurenzi since they keep coming up in different variations." 

Another bombshell about Braun was reported Sunday night when ESPN released a story about Braun calling Laurenzi, the man who handled his positive drug test in 2011, an anti-Semite - part of a litany of claims Braun has made about him.

"We all know what Braun said about the collector in his speech in spring training of 2012 after he won his appeal. We keep getting links between Braun and the collector.  If any of this is to be believed, it's obvious Braun wanted the finger pointed at the collector instead of himself with his positive drug test."

There's also been reports Braun has talked to his teammates about what he'll say publicly.

"He called...over the weekend...Roenicke as well as several of his teammates to start laying the groundwork for his public apology, telling them what he was going to say, giving some of the details," said Haudricourt. 

He has supposedly contacted (Major League) Baseball officials to apologize to them as well.  Whether Dino Laurenzi is in that group, I'm not quite sure.  We know when he was suspended on July 22nd, he didn't really tell his teammates anything other than he had been suspended.  He does seem to be paving the way to step forward with a public apology and an admission of PED use."