Carlos Gomez earns first Brewers gold glove since 1982

Jay Sorgi

Carlos Gomez. Photo: Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Carlos Gomez earns first Brewers gold glove since 1982

Jay Sorgi
CREATED Oct. 29, 2013

It's been 31 years since a Milwaukee Brewers player was chosen as the best fielder at their position.

Now, center fielder Carlos Gomez has changed that history

Voters have selected him as a Gold Glove winner at his position in the National League.

Gomez had 12 assists from the center field position, caught five balls that would have otherwise been home runs and clinched a Brewers win over the Cincinnati Reds with this home run-saving catch. 

"The first call, I got from the GM," Gomez told 620WTMJ's "Sports Central."
"I got a few phone calls from my agent...and watched the TV for the announcement."
He reportedly was emotional when the announcement came, and that emotion may have come from the Brewers making a long term commitment to him.
"They traded for me from Minnesota...continued for three years to give me the job...believed that I'm going to be the player they expect, and that I can be.  They always had patience, every single year to give me the opportunity."
He says his off-season has been spent with his baby son, who apparently has a penchant for destroying home entertainment equipment.
Gomez said his young son has broken a couple TV's.