Rodgers latest in long line of QB championship belt wearers

Jay Sorgi

Super Bowl MVP Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and teammate Clay Matthews, left, celebrate the Packers victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV in Arlington, Texas Sunday February 6, 2011. Photo by Mark Hoffman/ MHOFFMAN@JOURNALSENTINEL.COM Photo: Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Rodgers latest in long line of QB championship belt wearers

Jay Sorgi
CREATED Jul. 20, 2013

GREEN BAY - If the NFL acted like professional boxing (or wrestling, for that matter) and gave a belt for the best in the business at the sport's most important position, we all know who would get that honor.

It's the guy who happens to use the belt as his touchdown celebration, Aaron Rodgers.

However, he's just the latest to take ownership in a long lineage of great quarterbacking in the NFL.

Writer Bill Barnwell studies the ownership of the QB championship belt over the last 50-plus years.

Two Packers have made the list, but perhaps an argument could be made for another Packers signalcaller who doesn't get the recognition he perhaps deserves as the game's best QB in his time.  

After all, Bart Starr won a record five NFL titles with the Lombardi-era Packers, and despite the perception of the Packers as a Run-To-Daylight team, it was his passing in the 1966-67 seasons that propelled the Packers to two Super Bowl wins as they won an unsurpassed three consecutive NFL titles (65-67).

He and Rodgers also have incredible similarities to their careers.

In the meantime, continue to recognize the greatness of - and the stats prove it - the best in the business.

Oh, and for a little proof, check out our slideshow above of Mr. Rodgers showing off that belt.