Despite bumps in road, Packers are still in good shape

Jon Meerdink

Photo: Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Despite bumps in road, Packers are still in good shape

CREATED Sep. 10, 2013
GREEN BAY - Since their team has beaten the Green Bay Packers for the third time in three tries, fans of the San Francisco 49ers are probably feeling pretty good about themselves, and for good reason: their team is really, really good. 
The 49ers were within a few plays of bringing home a Lombardi Trophy last year and they’ve now dispatched some of their principal competition quite handily for the third consecutive time. They have a spectacular young quarterback, a mammoth offensive line, and a defense that could throttle the Greatest Show on Turf with seemingly minimal effort.
Packers fans, meanwhile, seem to be teetering on the brink of insanity. An already suspect defense was victimized by superior players again and again, and the running game, a huge point of emphasis through the offseason and preseason, was barely a factor at all. You’d be forgiven for being a little less than optimistic.
So what choice, then, do Packers fans have? Do we throw in the towel? Burn the ships? Get out of the football business altogether?
Nope. We stay the course. Because despite bumps in the road, the Packers are still in good shape.
Lest we forget, the Packers still posses the best quarterback in the league. Aaron Rodgers would make just about any team in the NFL a contender, and he’s got plenty of weapons to play with in Green Bay.
The Packers still have one of the NFL’s most fearsome pass rushers: Clay Matthews has produced 43.5 sacks in his first 59 games as a pro, and seems to finally be poised to get a little help from his defensive line and fellow linebackers.
The Packers still employ one of the league’s most dynamic receiving duos. Jordy Nelson has scored more touchdowns in the last three years than all but one other player, and Randall Cobb is as explosive as a receiver can be. Not only that, but Jermichael Finley is no slouch either.
The Packers also have a front office that’s produced four consecutive trips to the playoffs, a 15-1 season, a Super Bowl championship, and just 18 losses since 2009. It’s that front office that’s put this team together, and it’s that front office that will steer this team for the foreseeable future.
So yes, a season opening loss is never desirable. Losing to the same team for the third time in a row is even less so. But let’s not forget: the Packers are considered a contender for a reason, and they’ll continue to be so until the final whistle blows this season.

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