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Adams: 'Can't make excuses'

Wide receiver Davante Adams. Photo: Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Adams: 'Can't make excuses'

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Aug 9, 2014

A talented Green Bay Packers wide receiver knows he has to perform better than he did on punt return duty in the team's 20-16 loss to the Tennessee Titans.

Davante Adams muffed two punts in heavy rains in Nashville.  He cited the rain, but wasn't willing to blame the rain for his mistakes.

"It had a lot to do with it, but you can't make excuses when the ball is kicked to me," he told Larry McCarren in an exclusive interview for 620WTMJ and the Packers Radio Network.

"They expect me to catch it. Can't make excuses. Got to come up with it.  Obviously, we had a challenge with weather, but you do what you've got to do."

He called the wet conditions the "worst I've ever played in, rain wise, but it's football.  That's how the game is, so you've got to come up with the plays when it's your turn."

Jay Sorgi

Jay Sorgi

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